Joy Photography

by nik

Logo Design & Development.

Xylem Branding Design

by Rob Mills Designs

The challenge here was to not only create the visual identity for my Namibian client’s handcrafted, wooden surfboard business but to come up with the brand’s name, to begin with. The name needed to be original and meaningful and through brainstorming, I found “Xylem” to be the perfect answer to this brand challenge. Xylem is the biological term for the hard, structural material found in wood that is also responsible for the transportation of water within the plant. A unique logo design was created using the undulating ripple patterns found in the grains of wood, the dunes of the desert and of course the ocean’s surface. From here a corporate identity was created with typography, a colour pallet and a grid system and then applied to swing tags and a surfboard catalogue.

Clear Your Conscience

by ted

Creative Advertising, Photography