What Makes a Great Logo?

Logos come in many shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Some are bold and colourful, others elegant and subtle. A great logo can be many things, but many great logos appear to follow some simple patterns.

Below are some key attributes that appear across great logos.

Simplicity: A logo that does not require too much thinking to process. It has a singular concept and it’s presented in a quick iconic form.

Mobility: A logo that looks good at any size, can work across different formats (billboards, social media, etc), and will work in black & white (ie. coming out of a fax machine).

Timelessness: A great logo stands the test of time, does not just follow current day trends – speaks truly to the heart & soul of the company it represents.

At Mad, we keep these key attributes in mind with every logo we design. We offer free & no obligation logo design concepts. Only pay if you like what we create.